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An experienced Estate Administation Lawyer will guide you in the right direction and ensure that you administer assets in a legal, secure, and effective way.

Do you ever think about what will happen to your assets after your death? Typically, after you die, all of your possessions—such as your money, properties, and stocks—will become part of your estate. Someone known as an executor will be charged with collecting and managing your estate and ensuring that it is shared among your loved ones as you stipulated in your will.

Munk Law Professional Corporation offers a variety of services regarding estate administration. Our estate administration lawyer, Julia Aron Munk, has extensive experience in this area, and is dedicated to assisting our clients in managing and safeguarding their estate and upholding its value.

Our services

We offer the following estate administration services:

Executor appointment

An executor is a person chosen to administer a decedent’s last will and testament. Their primary responsibility is to follow the deceased’s instructions for managing their affairs and wishes. They are also responsible for winding up the affairs of the deceased, such as paying creditors, sending out notices of death, and submitting final tax returns. You can appoint an executor in your will; however, if you die without leaving a will, the courts will appoint an executor for your estate. Our estate administration lawyer will guide you on how to choose the right family member, friend, or business associate to fulfill the role of executor once you’re gone.


A probate is a court-supervised process of administering a decedent’s estate. It is a legal procedure that acknowledges the authenticity and validity of a will. Navigating probate can be a long, tedious, and stressful process, especially for mourning family members. Our probate lawyer is familiar with how probate court works and will help to secure your estate through the court process.

Inventory and asset management

Inventory and asset management often occurs during probate. It involves providing a detailed and up-to-date record of all the decedent’s assets. Carrying out estate inventory is a crucial part of estate administration, as the probate court will need to see the estate’s inventory before distributing these assets to the beneficiaries. Establishing the correct asset valuation for an estate can also help reduce the tax implications involved. Munk Law has partnered with financial professionals to help determine the worth of each asset, thus helping to maximize tax savings on the estate.

Will or trust interpretation

Sometimes, the beneficiaries may not understand a clause in a will, so different readings of the clause could have different effects. A beneficiary can apply to challenge a will if he’s displeased with the way the executor interprets the will. Our lawyer can give executors the essential direction to help them properly interpret a will, fulfill obligations, and minimize risks.

Distribution of estate assets

The executor can only divide the estate once they’ve compiled all your assets and settled all your debts. The assets are then formally transferred to beneficiaries. Distribution of estate assets may include transferring personal and commercial property and money. Our estate administration lawyer will help outline and expedite the distribution of property.

Individualized legal solutions

At Munk Law Professional Corporation, our lawyer is familiar with laws and legal theories surrounding estate administration. She will provide you with a strategy that helps you in accomplishing your obligations as an executor. There is confidence in knowing that an experienced estate administration lawyer is putting their best efforts into helping you.

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